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Rabbits Without Hutches and Their Owners

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Albus--the FULL story! [17 Mar 2007|10:09pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

March 15th
Adorable Albus, desperately needing rescue, was rescued by The Haven this evening just in time! He had been in a shelter for over six months, and was now facing euthanasia. His time at the shelter was almost done, he was living on borrowed time. The shelter notified us about his plight, and we immediately started looking for a way to get him out and safe. Haven volunteers notified rabbit people all around the world about Albus by posting on MySpace, Craig's List, LiveJournal, BinkyBunny, The Lagomorph Lounge and other bunny web sites. The messages of encouragement we received were much appreciated!

The Haven was finally able to get him out. He was transported by Connie on very short notice!. Thank you Connie!!!! Albus was surprised to see her, yet calm. He was very curious. He just kept looking around taking it all in. The car ride didn't even seem to bother him. We were all so paniced all day, worried as he sat there at the shelter all day still at risk! But, the shelter manager helped, and as soon as she could get there Connie whisked him away - to love and safety.

Then, like magic, his forever home was found - Blessings to Sweet David who loved him the minute he first looked at him. David read about Albus on Craig's List, and decided that he would offer Albus a permanent home as his very own companion bunny. He saved Albus! It was just meant to be. David also has lots of exotic birds and eventually Albus (after we neuter him) will be considering a companion of his own! Such great news!!!!! Even after suffering the loss of his Father In-Law yesterday, David was still able to find room in his heart for Albus.

Thank you everyone and especially David for providing Albus a loving, special home and to Stephanie for helping cover the expenses of his neuter. Thank you to everyone who offered Albus a home, some from as far away as Canada. Thanks to Connie for transporting and Erin, Valerie and Ray for posting for urgent help! Losing Albus was just NOT going to happen. Tonight I hear Albus is slowly exploring, and trundling about checking out his new space, loving his new dad. "Hey there is really good food here" he says! "What!!! No cold metal cage and no barking dogs? I think I am in bunny heaven! Ahhhhh and I get such good pets from my Dad. Oh this is just GREAT!!!!!"

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Fabulous News! [15 Mar 2007|09:14pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Albus has been rescued!!! I don't know anything more yet, but have been promised an update tomorrow. Your thoughts and prayers really make a difference! Team Bunny all the way!!!

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Shipping Albus [12 Mar 2007|07:43pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Thank you to everyone who has poured their love and best wishes for Albus. If someone is interested in having Albus shipped to them, here are the details:

In cabin transport is possible and of course we need someone flying the direction of the potential adopter. They take the bunny aboard as a registered TLC bunny in an airline approved carrier. Some airlines take them other's don't.

If you're interested in this option, please contact our director, Heather at:

Let's save Albus!!!

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Death Row Plea--SAVE ALBUS! [11 Mar 2007|08:59pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Please help Albus
Albus has been sitting in a local shelter since August of last year, and now his time is almost up. He is on death row, and has very little time left until he is put down.

He was a happy, frolicy boy, but now he is just sad and so lonely. Does anyone have a nice big place for him with their family? He uses a litter box well and loves hay and toys! The Rabbit Haven will cover his neuter expenses if you can provide a loving home for him.

Please help save his life! He is in immediate danger at the shelter. Be compassionate, this Easter -do not buy a pet store bunny- instead, save a life.
Call Auntie Heather at 831 239-7119.

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[31 May 2006|09:50am]

Hello, I am new to the community.
I have just adopted a rabbit from the SPCA. She's a dark brown dwarf rabbit who I have named Tess. I have a couple questions that I was hoping to get help with.
First off, how should I go about litter training her? I'd love to allow her free range of my apartment at some point, but I live with a couple of roomates, so having her running around pooing everywhere is not an option. Any tips would be appreciated.
Second, I would like to get her on a leash of some sort, to take her out to the forest, and let her just hop around and explore, does anyone have any styles that they could recommend??? Thank you so much.
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[22 Apr 2006|11:48am]

I am looking for new homes for my 4 rabbits. They used to have the run of the basement I rented from my mother. However, back in september I got married and we moved into our own apartment. My landlady said it was ok to have rabbits but they are not allowed out of their cage. I agreed to this because the apartment is very cheap and clean. I do break the agreement sometimes and take them out but not very often. This is long over due and i'm afraid I need to find new homes for them. I know they are very unhappy. The only reason I have waited this long is because I love them very much.

I live in Bakersfield California. Travel arrangements can be made and we can meet midway somewhere. If you live close I can travel to you. All of the rabbits are fixed.

Elly and Tanner are a bonded pair so they must go together. They are litter trained. Elly loves pets but Tanner just likes to do his own thing. Tanner is very protective over Elly. Both used to be pretty social but since they have been cooped up in a cage they are not. With some work they will more then likely warm up to you.


Norris is a very sweet rabbit. He loves having his forehead rubbed. At one point he was litter trained until I got Chess.

Chess is a very calm rabbit. He doesn't even scratch when clipping his nails. He is not litter trained yet. I think he could be if he wasn't around other male rabbits.

Feel free to email me at eqveeshan@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
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A weird question [18 Mar 2005|08:41pm]

I am very interested in having multiple types of animals in my life but this one is definately an odd mix..

What I would "love" to do (if at all possible) is to get a ferret, possibly a baby ferret and introduce him/her at a young age to my Winky (my cutie bunny boy).. Does anyone think I am being delusional and that it wont work..?

I would really like them to be friends and get along and winky seems to get along more with other creatures other than his own kind. lol.
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Winkers... the unhappy part evil rabbit. [04 Mar 2005|09:20am]

Okay.. My rabbit, Winky, has the run of our apartment. He was really good for about a month after I took my vets advice and gently pushed his head down every so often to show dominance.. My vet is an avid rabbit lover she has 3 of her own currently.

Now though, my rabbit seems to be hell bound. He is ripping the apartment apart. We have gone through 2 phones in the past week, something he never touched before and now he seems bent on destroying all of them. He is just.. ruining everything..

I am starting to restrict his play area to see if that will help, perhaps he needs a companion which I am working on. I have no idea.. He just seems very unhappy with everything. He has new toys new, water bowl which he loves, etc.. But I also noticed when we had one of my friends female rabbits over that he would get even more angsty.. Should I get a male rabbit then? Or perhaps a female rabbit that will put him in his place..

Yeah.. I need help.. If you got advice, throw it at me.. I really do need it.
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[22 Dec 2004|05:29pm]

Does anyone know why my rabbit insists on tipping over her water every time I give it to her? I don't think she's trying to bathe herself, since I bathe her all the time.

Does anyone know what kind of rabbit this is?

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[24 Oct 2004|10:47pm]

i've had theodore for nearly 3 years and he's been a free roaming bunny the entire time!

i could never put him in a cage, he loves roaming around too much. on the few times i've tried to reduce his roaming area he's managed to find ways to get out. this includes *climbing* a 3 foot tall baby gate. (i saw this with my own eyes)

anyways, recently he's taken to pissing and pooping on my bed. at first it was just a specific comforter which was dirty to begin with. i washed it and he's still doing it, as well as on my sheets. i don't know what to do to get him to stop. he KNOWS he's supposed to use his litterbox. if i catch him mid poop he immediatedly runs to his litterbox as soon as i come in the room. he's just being a pain in the ass.

luckily its just an air mattress. i'm going to try puting my bed up against the wall when i'm not using it. but that's not always convienient. bah. other than that, i have no idea what to do...

here are two REALLY big pics!Collapse )
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